Where to Position the TV?

One of the most common issues that arises when I design living rooms, either my own or my clients, is the question of where to position the flat screen TV? Decorating the living room of our own new home presented me with this very challenge. I myself do enjoy watching TV and we actually do use our living room so for sure it had to be included. But the designer in me has always disliked making the TV the focal point. I try to position the screen in a place that is easy to view but not front and center in the room and if at all possible, I will avoid putting it above the fireplace.

In our case, we positioned the furniture using the fireplace as the focal point (naturally it made sense) and filled the walls around it with our own art. I decided to place the TV on the wall adjacent, which worked well but we needed the proper piece of furniture to help balance the space. Our current TV stand just wasn't gonna cut it. Often times when you move from one home to another you quickly realize how your existing furniture just won't work in the new space. I did source a few gorgeous credenza units that would have fit the bill perfectly but they were a little out of our price range at the moment. Here are the two drool worthy options I debated but just couldn't pull the trigger.

This is the Accord Sideboard from Elte Market. It has open mesh doors to allow for remote control use and closed storage for the components. It is made of wood with metal legs. This cabinet has a sort of sophisticated, California boho vibe that I love.

This is the Trace Wire Mesh Cabinet from CB2. It has gold, metal open weave doors that allow for use of remote controls and closed storage. It has a more mid-century modern vibe. Think Mad Med or modern glam.

After morning the loss of either of these pieces I was determined to find a solution that wasn't gonna break the bank. As usually it was IKEA to the rescue. They have a great line of media storage units called Besta that you can customize to suite your needs and style. The measurements gave us exactly what we needed and it was about 1/3rd of the cost of these beauties above. Turns out it was exactly the finishing piece we needed to complete our living room set up. It gives us ample storage and provides the balance the space needed. I configured the unit with two glass doors for the components and a solid textured door for the center portion where I store books and board games.

The other important item we added to our living room is a statement sofa. Coming from a home that only had one family/living room to one that has a rec room and a living room we needed a second sofa. My husband and I are both fans of color and after living with a grey sectional for years we immediately fell in love with the green Hudson II Sofa from The Bay! Its Canadian made, great quality and affordably priced. The dimensions were just right for our space and it was on sale!

Hudson II Sofa

Here are some before and after photos of the living room. We are pretty happy with the set up right now. The space not only looks good but it also functions well for our needs. We love to hang out in front of the fire with our two fur babies while we binge watch our favorite shows. We do have plans to replace all this carpet with hardwood floor down the road but I don't think the cats will like that very much. They are very much enjoying all this plush, cozy carpet in our new happy place. Please enjoy some before and after pics of our progress below.

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for reading! :)

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