We Kept The Wood Trim!

Updated: Feb 29

Happy Thanksgiving folks! I've been away from this blog for far too long now and today I finally found some time to give you an update. As some of you may know from my Insta stories, we recently pulled out all of the beige carpet from our home and replaced it with engineered hardwood. Feast your eyes on the before photo below of what the master bedroom looked when we first moved in.

Master Bedroom Before

This was the reality of our situation for a while as we waited the arrival of our furniture. An Endy mattress on the floor and borrowed bedding from a family member. We knew from the start the plan was to get rid of the carpet and replace with some sort of wood surface but we struggled with a plan for the trim. Initially, I wanted to paint it all out white, a go to move for me when updating an older home. However, hubby convinced me to hold off because he was sure that the trim would look great once the walls and floors were updated. You see, our home is a 70's bungalow that is a little on the retro side in terms of architecture and style. Part of the charm that drew us to purchase this house is it's retro vibe. The narrow, teak coloured wood trim is part of it. You can't even purchase this type of millwork anymore. We felt it necessary to honour the aesthetic and style of our home so what to do with the trim was a big decision for us.

As for the floor, we finally decided on a 7.25" wide plank, white oak in a dessert sand colour. It feels so good now to be rid of the dust and allergens that come along with living with old carpet. After much debate and various advice from others we decided to put back the original trim unchanged. Now that all of our furniture is in place I think it looks beautiful. The wood tone of the trim ties in with the colour of much of our furniture, giving the home harmony and cohesiveness that is so important in good design. While this decision may not be forever, once we update windows I am pretty sure the trim will have to be replaced. But for now we love it and are very happy we decided to take our time and see how things came together. For me the best rooms are those that have a balanced combination of new and old providing character, personality and soul.

Master Bedroom After

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your happy place! :)

Laurie Sprague Designs, St. Catharines, ON