The Before Photos - Oh My!

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

I can finally say that it's official! Hubby and I are the proud new owners of a well maintained but very dated, 1980's bungalow with a mid-century modern vibe in St. Catharines, Ontario.

The Living Room

The Dining Room

This past weekend I traveled to Ontario to spend a few nights with Steve in our new home. With camera in hand, I jumped on a plane, excited to spend time with my hubby and get better acquainted with the house. A house that we purchased sight unseen by me I might add. Let's just say that right now I can't really call it a home because it still feels like someone else's house. It's definitely not our new happy place....yet. After a closer look I was surprised to learn exactly just how much I am affected, physically and emotionally by my surroundings. Once the giddiness of the first day wore off I found myself in a bit of a funk, kind of homesick and second guessing the decision we have made. When I say surroundings I am not simply referring to the lack of decor and gawd awful, boring beige wall colour. It's much more than that. I also noticed that the smells, the sounds and the lighting were having a major impact on my mood. I had a hard time sleeping and just wasn't feeling like myself. If I am to be fully transparent with you, I have to say, I had a panic attack. Yes, I too have suffered from anxiety in the past but it has been years since I have had a full on attack. The weight of this major life transition finally hit me and re-opened the flood gates of irrational fear!

Thank goodness we purchased in a great location near the shores of lake Ontario! There is nothing like fresh air and exercise to get yourself out of a funk. After a pep talk from hubby we decided to enjoy some time taking in the local sights and sounds outside of our home. We walked through the neighborhood exploring the trails and parks, swam at the beach and visited a few nearby wineries. All of this really helped to brighten my mood and give me the energy I needed to take stock of the house and begin my design plans. We tore down all the old drapery, cleaned up the kitchen and tidied up the backyard. Our new neighbour was kind enough to loan us a mower and some tools to get the job done since we haven't moved our stuff yet.

On my last day there I finally felt motivated to break out my note book and start measuring. I know in my heart this home will serve us well once we make it our own. Once we fill it with our own furniutre, our own sounds and design it to suit our own needs. Design is not just about having things look pretty, it is also about making things function to suit your specific lifestyle

so you are free to live your best life. We have that now in our Corner Brook home so it is very hard to give it all up and take two steps back. I know we have a lot of work ahead of us and for that I must be patient. In the meantime here is a little taste of the official before photos. I hope you can see the potential that I see and get excited for the journey with us. I can already imagine it in my mind...our new happy place. For now it might have to be out back in the well manicured garden, under the big, beautiful maple tree connecting with Mother Nature!

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