California Dreaming in Canada!

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

As my time in Corner Brook comes to an end I find myself pondering our motivation for this life altering move to Ontario. After all, life here in Corner Brook has been good for us these past 12 years. Although neither of us originally hail from the West Coast of Newfoundland, townie's we are, we have managed to carve out a happy little life here for ourselves. We have cultivated many good friendships and both have jobs that we enjoy. So why, I ask myself, have hubby and I decided to leave it all behind and venture into the unknown territory of St. Catharines, Ontario? Dreams baby, dreams!

Our decision stems from a place of wonder and growth or rather a desire for a change from the status quo. Steve's job transfer has provided us with an ideal oppournuty to experience life in another place with a different perspective. We both love Newfoundland and will always be drawn back home but we also like to travel and meet new people. Here is our chance to do so at a time in our lives that we can still easily adapt to change.

It's funny how things come together in life. Ironically, the two best trips that I have had over the past few years have been to Niagara on the Lake for my 40th birthday with my girls and to Palm Springs California to attend Modernism Week with hubby. I was inspired on my birthday trip by the beauty of the Niagara Region and wondered what it must be like to live there. Hubby was really inspired by our trip to PS and fell in love with the all of the indoor/outdoor living as well as the mid century style of homes. We have basically taken our inspo from both of these trips and manifested them into our next adventure. A job opportunity presented itself to Steve in St. Catharines/NOTL, which has a climate that is much more conducive to indoor/outdoor living than Corner Brook, so he decided to jump on it.

We purchased a midcentury mod style bungalow that we envision turning into something straight out of Palm Springs! We are very thankful to have been given this opportunity but let me tell you it has been a struggle, patiently waiting for this process to play out. And sadly we still struggle as we haven't found a buyer for our Corner Brook home which we were so excited about selling, it really is a great house. However, as they say nothing worth having comes easy. Now that the movers are scheduled and our flights are booked I can comfortably share with you some of our inspiration for the new house gathered from our trip to California. All of these photo's were taken on our trip.

As you can tell, this California dreaming, modern style that we are craving has a lot of white mixed with wood tones and pops of bright colour. It just feels happy and optimistic in mood. Hubby and I are both on the same page style wise so designing for the new house is very exciting for me. Although he does tend to gravitate a little more toward the kitsch than I. He is into vintage collectables and record players while I lean a little more toward the refined style, less garish more subtle. This house we toured as seen in the images below is my main inspiration. While it is definitely modern, I like the restraint that they've kept. It is more paired back, not as flamboyant as some of the spaces we toured. The key elements for me are wood floors, white walls, interesting shaped furniture pieces and statement lighting accessorized with art and living plants. As for the kitsch, we are both big music fans so I will definitely find space for the record player at least.

In less than a month we will be official residents of Ontario and the journey to creating our new happy place will continue. In the meantime I will leave you with a few more fun pics from Palm Springs and encourage you to vacation there sometime if possible. It has a chill vibe that forces you to slow down and relax and it has such a rich history. If travelling to the states is not your thing right now, perhaps the Niagara Region will be more to your liking. Skip Niagara Falls and the tourist trap though or at least don't spend the bulk of your time there. Once you've seen the falls, come play in NOTL and Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines...the beach is amazing and so is the wine. Look us up if you're in town, we'd love to have visitors from home!

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