A Budget Friendly Bathroom Breakdown!

Updated: Feb 17

If you have been following along on my Instagram stories you may be aware that hubby and I recently completed a basement bathroom reno on a short timeline and small budget. Down the road we have bigger plans for the second bathroom in the basement but in the meantime we gave it a quick refresh to modernize it and make it usable for guests. We have bigger fish to fry with the main floor of the house when it comes to renovations so our budget for this project was relatively small.

I realize after completing this project that when it comes to real money talk about interior decorating and home reno's its often not clear what things costs. In my line of work as an interior design professional I have the inside scoop on how much money a bathroom renovation can actually cost and let me tell you, it can be shocking! So I thought it might be helpful to share with you the actual numbers of our little bathroom refresh project.

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of numbers please feast your eyes on the before photos of the space. While I did kind of enjoy the striped wallpaper for a minute, the bold pattern got old fast. The space was dark and depressing, it was like an 80's time warp with some "Beetlejuice" thrown in (love that movie). I came to disliked it so much so that I never actually used it. It was deemed hubby's bathroom and there was no way I was subjecting our many expected summer guests to that room in the current state (your are welcome friends and family). :)

The plan was simple, all the demo we would DIY and some of the install (to save money) but we would hire the pro's for things that were beyond our talents such as plumbing and flooring installation. We kept the shower but everything else was removed. We donated what was usable to the Habitat Restore. The removal of the wallpaper turned out to be a nightmare because it was installed improperly but that's another story. The design included fresh paint, DIY wainscotting, new vinyl flooring, IKEA vanity, new toilet, new light fixture and faucet. It took us a only few weeks and because we had a solid plan in place, things went relatively well. We had guests scheduled to arrive so we were motivated to get this one done. Here are the after photo's of the space. There are still a couple of finishing touches to be made but for the most part this it the completed project.

So what is the final budget break down? Here is the list and source guide and no, I am not paid in anyway by any of these companies to use or talk about their products. I use what I like within our budget and don't push products for money.

Vanity (IKEA) $399

Faucet (Home Depot) $109

Paint (Aura by Benjamin Moore) $120

Flooring (Mannington) $370 labor included

Toilet (Home Depot) $235

Light Fixture (Don's Lighthouse) $175

Plumbing Labour $200

Mirror (Home Sense) $80

Towel ring, tissue holder and hook (Amazon.ca) $80

Wood Trim for Wainscotting and Base $200

So the final tally comes in at $1968 plus tax of course. Remember, we did most of the work so if you need to hire a pro to complete your project, you can bank on double this cost for good quality work.

I hope you enjoyed this info and that it might be useful to those of you who have little to no idea as to how much renovations cost and why. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for and also that good design is not only for the wealthy. Good design can be enjoyed at many different price points if you know where to find it. And remember, hiring a design professional (even for a one time consultation) is money well spent if you don't know where to begin. ;)

Thanks for checkin in, enjoy your happy place!


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