Laurie Sprague 

Laurie is the founder and principal designer of the firm. She has been passionate about design and creating beautiful rooms since she was a child. Always rearranging her bedroom for fun and excelling in art classes at school. She stays up to date on all things design by attending conferences, trade shows and seminars on a regular basis. She is inspired by travel and treats every day like a new adventure. Her work has been published in Our Homes Magazine and Home and Cabin Magazine. She previously worked for a custom cabinetry company and that experience allowed Laurie to hone her skills for kitchen and bath design with hands on experience. It also led her to discover that kitchen design, in particular, is one area that she especially enjoys. She has a diploma in interior decorating with highest honours and Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. When she is not busy working or head down in another design magazine she loves to head outdoors for a hike or bicycle ride, connecting with nature and staying active. 

Steve Sprague

Part time installer extraordinaire and full time moral support system. Steve has been an integral part of the inception and growth of Laurie Sprague Designs since the beginning. He's handy with a drill and knows how to install a killer set of drapes. When he is not busy hanging custom blinds or drapes for the company he loves to tackle DIY projects around the home. He is passionate about music, hockey and a well manicured lawn.